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The next few paragraphs contain exciting information about YEVO, a BRAND NEW, highly-innovative, breakthrough food company. Presented will be a compelling business opportunity that will empower you, and eventually millions of others around the globe, to understand the truth about a food industry that places profit ahead of health. You will see how to implement a real solution to the resulting health crisis and, just as significantly, you will see an opportunity to achieve and maintain your financial health and freedom.


The facts don’t lie . . .

We are literally eating ourselves to DEATH. Approximately 70% of America’s population is dying prematurely due to heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes, just to name a few. Our children are developing “adult diseases” and the obesity rate, according to the Center for Disease Control, has “doubled for children and quadrupled for adolescents over the past 30 years.” Other countries around the globe, like Japan, Mexico and China, are also seeing these alarming statistics rise each year. fake-food

People could and should be living longer, healthier and more vibrant lives. Unfortunately, that is not the global trend. The fact is that most of us are eating over-processed, nutrient-deficient foods that contain an abundance of highly-refined sugars, unhealthy fats, salt, artificial preservatives and unnatural ingredients. In short, we are “overfed and undernourished”. This is alarmingly contrary to what we should be doing – consuming healthy foods containing all the essential nutrients required to achieve and support good health.

The average American consumes nearly 3,800 calories per day! Food is supposed to be fuel that nourishes our bodies, not a toxin to kill them prematurely. According to the World Health Organization, we need 43 Essential Nutrients in order to sustain life and promote healthy cell growth and replication. These nutrients must come from an outside source as our bodies can’t produce them internally. That source should be HEALTHY FOOD, but unfortunately the majority of people consume less than half of these required nutrients daily because of “empty calorie” foods of no positive nutritional value. The results? – Unhealthy cells that continue to reproduce unhealthy cells that lead to disease, accelerated aging, and premature death.

What if?…

What if you could show people how to get 50% of the daily recommended levels for these 43 Essential Nutrients in a single serving of healthy “clean” food that isn’t processed at high temperatures that kill anything of value? What if each serving also contained an average of 20 to 30 grams of protein, 1 to 2 grams of beneficial omega-3 fats, and a healthy dose of wholesome fiber? What if this food was conveniently packaged, arrived directly to a busy family’s front doorstep, and was priced between $4.00 and $5.25 per serving . . . less than the cost of a school lunch? Would you think there would be a demand?

It gets even better. What if each serving was less than 500 calories and made you feel full sooner? Do you think some people might also lose weight? Have more energy? Feel better?

What if you could receive this amazing food for free . . . and show others how they can receive it for free also? What if you could help others and yourself create a monthly income while eating healthier and living healthier lives?

Simply stated, what if convenient, inexpensive, healthy foods filled our unsatisfied basic need for nutrition, while also contributing to our financial health and freedom?


The Solution . . .

The product line of YEVO, our amazing new company, is based on scientific research and development 30 years in the making. YEVO has formulated over 90 food items, each with great macronutrient and micronutrient profiles but, more importantly, each providing 50% of the daily requirements of the 43 Essential Nutrients needed for cellular and systemic health.

The YEVO product line is broad, including instant oatmeal, chili, soups, sauces, noodles, puddings, mashed potatoes, snacks, coffees and teas. And, yes, Mac ‘n Cheese is also available . . . but is now guilt-free, chock full of high-nutrient value, and passes the “kid test” with flying colors.

YEVO is committed to ensuring that food ingredients come from unadulterated sources that are clean and of exceptional quality, and that every single product looks and tastes delicious. The ever-expanding YEVO product line will also include Vegan, Kosher and Gluten-Free options, among others, to meet the discerning requirements of many individuals.

Multiple patents protect the YEVO state-of-the-art production processes that keep the food nutrient profiles rich and fresh over a five-year shelf life. YEVO will be rapidly launching in a variety of global markets, with specific foods tailored to distinctly appeal to regional tastes and recipes.

Why will YOU succeed?

YEVO is building an amazing team of leaders and worldwide distributors. If you have vision, foresight, are willing to grow, and have a genuine desire to improve your life and the lives of others, you can be part of the initial YEVO team that is launching this incredible new company. You will be joining an exceptional group of individuals, with a proven track record, in an exciting new venture that is targeting and fulfilling unmet needs in an already huge, but exploding, global market. You will learn and be supported by an integrated distribution system that has been created from years of experience by top business architects and professional network marketers who will be your servant leaders and teachers.

Take a look at the YEVO “cooks in the kitchen” . . .

team-cmarslandChip Marsland – Chief Scientist / Product Formulator
Chip is a world-renowned food scientist who possesses distinguished accomplishments in nutrition supplementation methods. Chip’s life mission is to create a legacy based on changing and reversing the continual degradation of the global diet. You may be familiar with some of his formulas from “The ZONE Diet” and similar successful products. For our new company, Chip has teamed with nutrition professors from Harvard, Yale and UC Davis, as well as top celebrity chefs from The Food Network. The goal of this exceptional collaboration? – To create the highest quality, healthiest and tastiest food on the planet.

team-pcastlemanPeter Castleman – Chairman of the Board / Co-Owner
Peter graduated from Duke University, at the top of his class in Economics. He became a Professor at Harvard before transitioning to highly-reputable firms on Wall Street, culminating in becoming the Managing Partner at Whitney Capital Equity Group. Under Peter’s astute leadership the firm acquired North Face Outerwear Company as it was going bankrupt and turned it into a company achieving $3 billion in annual revenues. North Face was sold for a substantial return on investment. Peter created similar success stories with many other companies, including Igloo. He started and grew a Chinese herbal company to $50 million annually which he then sold to NuSkin. Nuskin ramped up yearly sales to almost $1 billion, opening Peter’s eyes to the power of network marketing. Four years after Mark Hughes, the founder of Herbalife, passed away, Peter encouraged his partners at Whitney to team up with Golden Gate Capital to purchase Herbalife at a time it was producing $700 million per year. Within five years, with Peter as the Chairman of the Board, Herbalife grew to over $3 Billion in annual revenues. Peter eventually sold his interest in Herbalife for an estimated $850 million. Since then, Peter has dreamed of starting his own network marketing company, with its own culture and mission, to positively impact world health in even greater ways. That dream is becoming a reality with the launch of YEVO.

team-dbrownDavid Brown – Chief Executive Officer / Co-Owner
David possesses over 20 years of experience as a corporate lawyer and President/CEO in the nutritional industry, as well as serving as a member of several boards for nutrition research organizations. David has served as CEO of Metabolife and as President of Natural Balance. Most recently, David was the CEO of LifeVantage, a NASDAQ-listed network marketing company that achieved a 300% per year growth rate under David’s leadership ($11M 1st year, $38.9M 2nd year, $126M 3rd year.) He voluntarily retired from that position in 2013 when the vision of the board of directors changed.

team-jdomingoJason Domingo – Master Distributor / Co-Owner
Jason has over 20 years of experience in leading international teams as the Master Distributor of renowned network marketing companies. He has consistently led companies to achieve revenues in excess of $200 million per year, most recently with LifeVantage. Jason exemplifies the highest integrity in words and actions. Jason will guide a corporate culture that is rooted in these same standards of integrity, and is distributor-focused with the acknowledgement that people are the company’s greatest resource.

team-kzengerKirby Zenger – Chief Architect Officer
Kirby was appointed as LifeVantage’s Executive Vice President – General Manager in February 2009, and served as the Chief Operating Officer from June 2009 until June 2012, when he then became the Chief Network Officer. Previously, from April 2007 until February 2009, Kirby served as Executive VP / General Manager for Zrii LLC, another international network marketing company. He was integral in the architecture and strategic development of the Zrii business plan. In 2006, he served as Vice President of Global Sales for Young Living Essential Oils and from 2004 to 2006, he was General Manager of North America for Synergy Worldwide, a subsidiary of Nature’s Sunshine, a publicly traded direct selling company. Kirby’s demonstrated achievements in strategic planning and leadership development provides a strong foundation for YEVO.

team-gtippsGene Tipps – Chief Operations Officer
Gene’s experience in building comprehensive operations backbones for multi-million dollar direct selling companies, both domestically and abroad (Tahitian Noni, Agel, Zrii, LifeVantage), has made him a sought-after expert across the industry. Gene has lived and developed markets in many lucrative areas of the globe including Latin America, Europe and Asia. Coupled with his extensive familiarity with nutritional products, Gene’s worldwide operations background makes him the perfect general to command and direct the YEVO global operations team focused on demanding systems requirements, quality products, on-time deliveries and consistent inventories.

team-bseemanBen Seeman – Chief Sales Officer
Ben was the Vice President of Sales at LifeVantage from 2009-2014 where he coached, trained and inspired his team to produce over $200 million per year in revenues. Prior to LifeVantage, Ben was responsible in managing $90 million in accounts for Metabolife International, and was Sr. Sales Director and Vice President of sales for Bear Naked Granola and Naturade, Inc respectively. In each position Ben opened new channels of distribution resulting in many millions of dollars in increased sales.

interested-photosWho will be interested in YEVO?

Every mother and father on the planet who has a busy, hectic lifestyle will be able to choose from any of YEVO’s 90+ pre-packaged nutritious, tasty, affordable meals. They will be able to quickly deliver a quality meal to themselves and their family, without feeling guilty that they are skimping on their family’s health. How about college students on a budget who need access to convenient, nutritious food that boosts energy and mental alertness, instead of the junk food that robs them of physical and cognitive advantages? These same college students can now also eat free by referring a few of their friends. How about the elderly who require simple food preparation and an increased dietary nutrition needs? Let’s not forget about the tens of millions of campers, hikers and hunters who want healthy food items that can be easily transported and prepared, plus the preppers, survivalists and religious groups who store short and long-term food supplies to meet potential emergency needs.

In short, EVERYONE can benefit from YEVO’s healthy, convenient, affordable food and EVERYONE can also tell others about it if they desire to eat free, make some extra cash, and/or even become financially free.


The YEVO Timeline . . .

First 25 Distributors: On October 25th, 2014, the “meeting of 25″ occurred in Reno and at the home Peter Castleman on Lake Tahoe. It was an incredible experience to become a YEVO founder with this hand-picked group of industry movers and shakers. Many of YEVO’s delicious foods and drinks were served at a special dinner party that evening. (Can you also imagine how many distributors will enjoy hosting dinner parties that also serve as “opportunity meetings” to get others involved?)

Pre-Pre-Launch: October 26th through November 14th was the Pre-Pre-Launch period in which invitations were made to special people to get involved to help shape the culture and structure of YEVO.

First 100 Distributors: On November 15th, 2014, the big “Reveal” occurred in Salt Lake City (the Silicon Valley of network marketing), and included the “meeting of 100.” YEVO was revealed as the company name and attendees learned many exciting details about the company, including the branding, marketing, training and compensation plans.

Pre-Launch: From November 19th through January 2015, YEVO is in Pre-Launch mode. During these two months we are able to start building our networks using replicable personal Websites and our online back offices. Credit cards will NOT be processed and products will not be shipped until the official launch on February 1st. This is a very unique time to capitalize on explosive momentum as the word gets out about this industry-changing company operating in a $4.3 TRILLION retail food market. Just imagine what you could do BEFORE credit cards are even processed! The goal is to build a significant network that would result in an initial check paid out as a fast start bonus the week following the processing of first orders. This two-month period is essentially “risk free” for many who choose to get involved as they gauge their personal performance before any money changes hands whatsoever!

LAUNCH!: YEVO will launch the USA market on February 1st, 2015, quickly followed by Mexico on March 1st. Next up is Japan on April 1st and Korea a couple of months after that. YEVO will “go global” very rapidly, with a commitment to region-specific manufacturing and food products.


YEVO: The corporation involving Peter Castleman, Jason Domingo, David Brown, Kirby Zenger, Gene Tipps, Ben Seeman, Jake Hines, Chip Marsland and others, established for the purpose of manufacturing innovative nutritionally-dense food products and marketing / distributing such food products through a team of Independent Distributors within a Network Marketing sales model.



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